Awesome Military Haircuts for Men

Military men are known to be self-disciplined and brave, which is correctly revealed in the military haircuts that many are seen wearing both on and off the military base.

Most of these haircuts are short and simple to maintain, with at most two inches of hair length being reduced. They are still very common among males, even with the basic look of various high and tight haircuts, with many choosing to adopt them as their signature hairstyle.

It is advisable to have a snapshot that you can send your barber to ensure that the military cut you have picked is finished to your satisfaction, so that they can advise you on the best way to achieve the military look.

If you’re a fan of army haircuts, then the look’s several choices can seem a little daunting, but you can choose the most appropriate one with proper advice. Among the military haircuts which many men have become very common are:

The Burr Cut

If you want a nearly bald look but don’t want to cut the skin off your scalp, then this is the perfect cut for you. The hair left on the head is most frequently about an eighth of an inch long, which can be easily accomplished when a hair clipper is used. Get the hair cut by a barber for the best performance, so that the final look is well organized.

The Crew Cut

This is a basic haircut that when compared to other military haircuts, is considered to be very traditional. The cut includes cutting the hair to at least two inches but ensuring that as part of styling, the front part of the head has extra length that can be brushed. If preferred, the hair should be much shorter on the sides of the head as well as the back and even tapered so that the final cut has some structure particularly on the front.

The Regulation Cut

This military haircut is considered one of the oldest and since it needs minimal trimming, can be achieved with longer hair. On the side, the hair left on the top part is parted so that a sharp line from the front to the back of the head is revealed. To give it a neat appearance, the hair is tapered down to the skin on both the back and sides of your head. The barber will most likely use a scissor to cut the hair, then a clipper to ensure that the sides and back are tapered off well.

The Flat Top Cut

For men who have straight hair, this haircut is perfect because the final look typically shows the top part of the hair as smooth. In most cases, the hair is cut to a minimum length at the top and then trimmed so that it stays flat while it is washed. Depending on the individual’s choice, the sides and back of the head are cut short into a fade to highlight the flat top.

I hope we have included all the information about military hairstyle. Stay tuned for more updates.

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