Best Military Haircut For Your Kid And Always Keep Him In Style

Being in the military means you have to bring in a lot of self-discipline while being bold at the same time. Both these traits are pretty evident in any military haircut and there are a lot of them that you’d want to try with your kids to give them the same feel.

Most of the army haircuts are on the shorter side which makes them really easy to style and maintain. The length is usually kept to a couple of inches only. Even with the basic look of various high & tight haircuts, they still make a popular choice for kids and parents often adopt these hairstyles to keep all the fuss at bay when styling their kids’ hair or taking care of them

The Best Military Haircut Options For Kids

If you have always loved army haircuts, you’d know that you can style them in a lot of different ways. Even there are a lot of variations of the haircut itself and you need to make sure that you get the one that’s most appropriate for your little one. Here we have listed a few options that you may want to consider for your little one.

  1. Burr Cut

When looking for something that goes almost bald but is not cut to his skin, a burr cut really makes an ideal choice for you. Mostly, the hair that is left behind is around 1/8th of an inch in length and it can be achieved quite easily with the help of an appropriate clipper. To achieve the best results, make sure that you take your kid to a barber for ensuring a well-structured final look.

  1. Crew Cut

It’s a very simple hairstyle which is considered quite conservative in comparison to various other army haircuts we have today.  The haircut is all about trimming your kids’ hair to a couple of inches, at least, while ensuring that the frontal section has some extra length which you can brush while styling his hair. The strands on the sides and the back must be kept way too short and should even be tapered, only if you prefer to do so, getting some shape to the final haircut.

  1. Regulation Cut

It is another cool military haircut that makes a perfect choice for kids who are always inspired by the army. It is probably the oldest choice among the military hairstyles and you can do it with a little longer hair as well. The hairstyle needs minimal trimming with the hair on top given a side-parted look revealing a very sharp line starting at the front and going all the way to the back. For achieving a perfectly neat look, some tapering should be done to the hair on sides and the back. Most of the time, the barbers use scissors for trimming the hair rather than a clipper in the bid to ensure that proper tapering of the sides and the back is done to achieve a perfect finished look.

  1. Flat Top Haircut

It is an ideal choice for kids with straight hair as the end product reveals flat hair on the top. Most of the time, the top hair is trimmed down to the minimum length. It is then trimmed to ensure that it doesn’t get out of shape when brushed up. For highlighting that flat top, hair on the sides and the back is cut very short to achieve a faded look but that’s on your individual preference. Obviously, at the end of the day, it’s you who has to decide what type of look you would want to achieve.

  1. Fade Haircut

 Even though a fade haircut can be styled in so many different versions, the one associated specifically to the military is styled in the standard form all the time. In this haircut, the hair that is left behind on top won’t ever exceed a couple of inches while the sides are given the shortest possible length. This particular fade haircut is appropriate for a variety of hair types and the final product always looks cool if some professional stylist has done it.

Furthermore, the choice of fade is also crucial here as you can choose between a regular fade, a low fade, and a high fade haircut. Just make sure that you go with something that makes everything look in proportion.


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