Tips on hair care for the summer

Summer is famous with beaches, hiking and outdoor fun. But the harsh sun rays mixed with high humidity levels are a mix for the summer hair disaster. It’s necessary to take extra care of yourself and give you the hair you need.

Natural Hair Care Tips for Summer; Save Now or Regret Later

Please dont worry as we are going to help you out and tell you some tips on hair care for the summer.

  • Always try to prevent your hair from the harmful rays of the sun. Try to cover it with hats or go for fun and trendy scarves or stoles that bring sass to the season.
  • Hot oil massage or champi is a must for the summer. Invest is a good quality cooling hair massage oil. Buy a natural hair oil that fits your hair’s needs. You can also apply a small amount of oil to your hair right after bathing to make it soft and healthy.
  • Many people stop reading the signs under the bottles of shampoo. Recently, quite a lot of talk has been going on about sulphates in shampoos. So skip the chemicals and spend in a healthy natural toxin-free shampoo that doesn’t harm your hair of its natural oils, and your hair will thank you for future years. Buy what suits your hair needs like anti-dandruff shampoo, dry/damaged hair shampoo, etc.
  • Remember not to shampoo your hair too much in the summer, as it makes to remove your hair of its natural oils. Deep condition your hair with some natural conditioners at least once a week. Squeeze the extra water out of your hair, take a generous amount of conditioner and spread it all over your hair, avoiding the scalp.
  • Try to keep things that are totally natural. Avoid to air-dry your hair and avoid hot irons or blow drying it as it tends to make your hair frizzy, dry and weak. Try to skip coloring your hair as it tends to fade more easily and get bleached instead of using an organic hair pack to make your hair feel soft and silky.
  • Always use a large tooth combs particularly when your hair is damp to detangle to prevent tugging and pulling.
  • The chances of a split end are the highest in the summer. It’s really the best time to get a trim. Go and just get the look you’ve been dying to try.

These are few of tips on hair care for the summer.

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