Very short hair with beard

Very short hair with beard

If, like myself, you’re one of those men who just like the concept of having a beard but does not need to look quite like a on foot hedgerow, you want to keep it in check. The great manner to do this? Read on!

A whilst back it passed off to me that I changed into now about the right age to re-develop my beard. I actually have this theory of types that men both develop beards whilst they’re young as a signal perhaps of their new-observed manliness or to fall in with modern-day fashion, or while they are older when they like to think that they’ll look all patrician and cool.

Being of the latter persuasion I laid away my directly razor for some time and let the fungus sprout. As I’d been smooth shaven for all the ones years since the young beardy-ultra-modern days it did come as a chunk of a surprise to look that, in which dark, bright beard boom as soon as flourished, the whiskers now coming out have been highly lighter in colour – like white!

Why I thought it’d be any one-of-a-kind I do not know – I’m gray enough on pinnacle of my head. In any occasion, some weeks went via and I handed through the fashion designer stubble stage, the itchy degree and the very well disreputable-looking degree to wakeful one morning with a complete-grown beard. Yippee!

Well, no longer pretty. As the whiskers grew longer, in order that they appeared more and more untidy until I started to resemble not a patrician however a – nicely, a bum, no longer to put it too finely! What to do? Trim the component of direction! I determined on a current fashion, pretty brief normal with skinny sideburns and transverse bits between the bow of the jaw and the chin. Easy!

Out came the straight razor. What? A instantly razor for beard trimming? Yes, sir. I had attempted electric trimmers and multi-blade units inside the beyond and located that the primary tend to seize the hair if trying to trim too closely (a painful revel in!) and the second one clog dismally. Also, neither gives that truly sharp, crisp line among beard and shaved skin that I wanted.

Not so with the straight razor. I’ve used one for years for the whole-face shave and agree with me you might not get higher as soon as you have mastered the technique (takes about a whole couple of weeks usually). For accurate beard trimming the straight is king. Why?

Most men think about straight razors as gadgets which are used strictly with the aid of Luddites or men who simply want to appearance macho. Well, instantly razor users may additionally properly have each classes inside their ranks but, usually talking, they are just regular guys who’re both fed-up with paying via the nose for throwaway cartridge structures or simply revel in a traditional, enjoyable shave.


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